…as a manager are tasked with guiding people and situations safely and swiftly to defined goals. Your core business of organizing, reaching and making decisions, in particular, is closer to an art than an everyday activity.

The sense of responsibility you carry on your shoulders requires strength, courage and creativity – to negotiate stony paths, overcome unexpected obstacles, fight against cumbersome resistance and explore and re-explore the limits of the possible and imaginable again and again.


Particular challenges at high altitudes

Anyone who is active at high leadership levels realizes time and again, especially in complex constellations and sensitive, extreme situations, that the air gets thin and that something valuable is missing – a trusted peer to exchange ideas with. Someone to discuss situational challenges openly with, a place to address doubts and fears and discuss possible solutions without a conflict of interest. Managers also – managers in particular – need a new source of inspiration every now and then, need encouraging impulses from the outside or active support to find their way, guide them out of inhospitable territory quickly and allow them to advance their goals again actively and with control.


The first step towards three effective stages

As a rule, you come to me because of a difficult or critical situation. For this reason, contact with you is my first priority; to begin by taking a look at the situation and its causes and context together with you. These insights will then form the starting point from which we can explore your own personal path and discover new perspectives and maybe take unfamiliar steps with which you can deliberately shape your environment and actively guide it towards your desired goals.

These three stages, which I refer to as discover,  dare, do, are part of my work philosophy.


Twelve good reasons for an encounter


Structural work in an organization

You have changed functional structures in your organization and would like to get back to a productive cooperation with your associates as quickly as possible?

Change management

You have put something in motion in your organization or a change is taking place and you need a clear answer to the question „why?“ You are looking for ways to shape the conversation surrounding a planned reorientation or current changes in your organization in ways that are enriching rather than unsettling?

Cultural change

You sense that everyday tasks and established processes in your organization have suddenly stalled? You ask yourself why things are developing this way and not another and want to have a conversation about this perception, to make room for new possibilities and a transition towards a positive trajectory?

Changing leadership culture

You are experiencing leadership in your organization that lacks effectiveness and orientation? Do you perceive the absence of a solid foundation or a clear purpose as an obstacle to constructive management?

Strategic work

You are encountering the questions of „where to?“ and „why?“ more and more frequently in your organization? You realize in discussions that fundamental leadership questions with major consequences are unsolved? You are looking for a way to develop these points of reference with methodological support?

Complex issues

You are faced with complex questions, influenced by a large number of variables? You observe complex behavior in key performance indicators of your organization and are not able to agree on an interpretation and can therefore not make any decisions?

Analysis of power structures and influence networks

You have an important objective that is being influenced considerably by a large number of stakeholders for personal and professional reasons and are looking for ways to analyze this network so that you are able to act?

Conflict consultancy and mediation

You are caught in a conflict and aren’t arriving at a viable method for handling the situation and dealing with the other party?


You sense that a situation in which a decision must be made cannot be solved on the factual level alone, because it is being determined by hidden emotions or levels of meaning such as values? You would like to expedite a decision, but are looking for a way to make your perception discussable?

Professional orientation

You are experiencing a professional situation as unclear, confusing or unsettling and are trying to orient yourself and become able to act for your next step or for an important decision?


You have an upcoming retreat or event and are looking for an experienced presenter who can also assist you in determining the design of the event?

Keynote speeches and training

You would like to enhance an event with an interesting presentation and are looking for a topic and a speaker? You are looking for a trainer who connects theory and practice? I can provide presentations and training in the areas of organization, leadership, culture, ethics and values, communication (verbal and non-verbal) and other topics.


You can find out which methodological expertise I apply in these contexts and which self-conception I operate with here:
Alexander Zock